Louvre Deck Roofs / Vertical – Side Barriers for sun, wind & rain

  • Louvre Deck fixed louvres, in different formats known as Louvre Skye, Louvre Aire and Louvre Slats.
  • Louvre Deck Facias and Corners (1, 2 or 3 Tier) to finish and beautify the addition to your home.
  • Louvre Deck IBR sheets – For roofs or side protection: (IBR is also available as galvanized).

Above components are manufactured from CHROMADEK®, an exceptional product with longevity as its proven target, manufactured by impregnating mild steel plates with Zinc and Aluminium while simultaneously adding the colour. This results in an effectively rust proof product, easily formable, which is able to withstand extended exposure to all the elements, creating our very attractive range of louvres and fascias.

A Ten Year guarantee is given on all CHROMADEK® components which are available in a limited but widely popular range of colours. (Excluding only accidental and willful damage, while in use).

All support structures are manufactured by Louvre Deck trained personnel from mild steel that is pre-treated, powder coated and then baked in the ovens. The powder coating provides a beautiful, high quality, sheen finish that it is covered by a five year guarantee. (Excluding only accidental or willful damage, while in use)

Standard powder coating done in white while other colours may be employed at an extra charge. Guttering – in CHROMADEK®, or galvanized, as well as SABS approved Marley Systems PVC.

Any of the domestic Louver Deck products may be adapted and applied to commercial structures.

Louvre Deck also supplies other designs, known as fixed awnings, aerofoils and egg crates (both in sizes and designs as prescribed by the architect).

These designs will beautify new (or existing) structures with the most successful mechanical climate control system, which offers protection against direct sun heat and dangerous ultra violet rays, while allowing light penetration and nature’s own air conditioning, through the ventilation it creates. Highly regarded Louvre Deck protection in the extremely harsh conditions experienced in South-Africa and neighbouring countries.

Louver Deck provides virtually unrestricted configurations for their products when included in an Architect’s design, through specialized cutting, bending, forming and welding as well as long lasting, element-proof powder coated finishes. Louver Deck adjustable louvre roofs provide a low maintenance, long lasting shade together with ultra violet protection, for the benefit of the patrons while decidedly enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the establishment.

Louvre Deck products are ideally suitable for outdoor hospitality areas (restaurants, coffee shops, poolsides and braai areas) where sun and climate control is required; to be warm in the winter & cool in the summer.

Inverted Box Rib

IBR is a high quality Chromadek® material, 0,5mm thick which is the roofing standard for houses. Durable and strong, it’s been the industry standard for many decades.

Louver deck uses the non-standard Fish Eagle white on both sides for IBR produced. It fits together with the power coated framework while the white on top reflects sunlight better, making it cooler underneath.

Inverted Box Rib

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